Movement+sitting= ergonomy2

People who think of ergonomics in the office often linger with a custom-made desk chair and a screen that is at the right height. But there is so much more to it. We are happy to give you a few tips to keep your employees working as ergonomically as possible.
Ergon means work and nomos means law, in other words the study that examines the relationship between people and their working environment. The correct sitting position, adjusted support to look at a screen, at the right height are paramount. But in addition to furniture and tools, we must mainly focus on sound, acoustics, daylight, ventilation, movement, environment, atmosphere, and last but not least … the incentives.

A reduction or correction of incentives will allow us to manage our focus, our attention and to optimize our comfort. With a portion of common sense, we can organize our work environment in such a way that we have less energy loss as a result of distractions and breaches of (basic) ergonomic needs.

Important is where you work, at home or at work, on mobile that you mainly think about how you deal with your body and your brain, find comfort, avoid too many stimuli, do not write emails, with music in your ears in a room where a lot of fast food is eating. It sounds cliché but it is much faster than we all want to admit.

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