Global Mental Health Day

10 October, a day on which we will certainly pay extra attention to mental health. This theme is slowly but surely receiving more attention through numerous initiatives. For some, this taboo still needs to be broken
When we talk about wellbeing, and we check the literature or the media, sometimes the suggestion is made that wellbeing is synonymous with mental health, or perhaps only limited to it. Mental health must therefore be examined in the broader context of our pursuit of well-being, physical, mental, nutritional, and physical activity.

A story of self-knowledge, we are drowning in the fast world, gifts we do not want, the way we look at ourselves, it is still a us and them story, it happens to us all in our lives, in our continuum of our lives

The question is to keep our finger on the pulse and to get to work constructively in such a way that we are able to make connections and bridges to the moments when things are not going well, to the next dawn that we are better balanced , and we also have some cultures that are better able to deal with mental state than others, in Flanders this is still an unspoken area

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