04 – Course : Wellbeing Advice for Caregivers at Home

This course is aimed for caregivers and care-takers at home. Caregivers are an essential part of our society. Just under three quarters of a million people care for twice as many people in need of care. And since the endemism that is plaguing this world, the number of informal caregivers has grown exponentially. Lex and Marijke are experts in informal care. This course is aimed at the home caregiver and the umbrella organizations of these caregivers. Home carers sometimes lack time and space. With very concrete suggestions, we aim to provide carers with insights to ensure their own health, also by optimizing their well-being. And what does that mean? You will be amazed at how we handle this. This course (120 min) is offered in Roeselare, in situ for a group of max 20 people. Make an appointment now.This course is aimed for caregivers and care-takers at home.


Datum: 28/11/2021
Gegeven door: WellBeingDesign
Doelpubliek: Voor Care-givers and Care-takers at home


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