Well-being is gaining importance in this rapidly evolving world. In the past 10 years, the knowledge and insights into well-being, scientifically and academically have increased considerably.

WellBeingDesign specializes in the concrete and practical experience of and in well-being, including knowledge transfer. We focus on four important areas of work: personal development, the social context, including the corporate culture and the social importance of well-being. More importantly, we always frame well-being in a holistic approach, and view well-being from a practice-oriented approach and advancing insights into body, mind, movement and nutrition.

Our values ​​are connecting, inspiring and developing. Do you want to invest in well-being, on the basis of strategies, advice, tools, tools or according to a well-being-promoting plan or on the basis of concrete objectives regarding well-being in your company, healthcare, the wellness sector or simply in your personal self-development? , then WellbeingDesign is your partner for wellbeing in your private life, at work and … throughout your entire life.


Well-being follows from our thoughts and actions, we organize, in the experience of our life. Some we control and others we do not. Well-being flourishes in the definition of our own goals and in the pursuit of meaningful relationships.

Whoever invests in well-being guarantees his return on investment (ROI).

WellBeingDesign puts well-being on the map, in our personal and social life, as well as in our environment, policy and society.

What is well-being? How do we deal with it? Why is well-being vital? Together we want to work with you to realize the visceral difference. Health in combination with wellbeing is wealth.